About us

Welcome! We are Brent and Ambia and we are so glad you are here! Big Game Hunter Toys is a small, family run business. Our story is kind of a funny one...we met in a toy store almost 30 years ago. A handsome assistant manager and a beautiful head cashier. It was love at first site! (Not really, but that's another story!) We love toys...well He probably loves them a little more, like most boys! After 20+ years of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Brent decided he wanted to try his hand at Ebay...and soon became addicted to toys once again. But this time, his focus was on vintage games! A few short years later we have an Ebay store and the remodeling is a thing of the past! Now in our 5th year, Big Game Hunter Toys specializes in retro/reproduction toys...some we loved from our childhood and some even older! In short, we love Old-Fashioned Fun!! We have a large line of marbles and well-made cap guns as well as educational and sensory toys. A nice selection of games and super hero action figures. Our store is always changing and growing, so we hope you will keep coming back and seeing what is new! We pride ourselves on fast shipping and great customer service!

Any questions, comments or suggestions?

Contact us at customerservicebght@gmail.com.